Cisco Nira | Texas Gold Sprint'em

e-vent (e vent’) n. 1) an occurrence, esp. when important 2) a particular contest in a program of sports 3) any organized activity, celebration, etc.

Cisco Da Kid A.K.A. Flavio Nira Jr. has been organizing cycling event s for over 14 years. He spent 12 years of his life pedaling through the streets of downtown Houston, TX as a BIKE MESSENGER.  He enjoys putting on events that help bring the local bike community together.
It all started in 1998 when he through the 1st Winter Solstice Alleycat and started Humidity-Houston’s Bicycle Courier ‘Zine. That event and publication went on for 12 years. It was retired and laid to rest with a list of all of the winners on a tombstone back in 2010. And in 2011 it resurrected by another organizer. 

In 2000 he took his bike first bike messenger trip to the 8th ANNUAL CYCLE MESSENGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Philadelphia, PA.  His eyes were exposed to the lifestyle of bike messengers from around the world. He took a chance and placed a bid for Houston to host the 10th Annual C.M.W.C. in 2002. Houston barley lost the bid to Copenhagen, Denmark but The International Federal Bike Messenger Association then awarded Houston to host the North American Cycle Courier Championship 2002.

Cisco is currently the organizer of TEXAS GOLD SPRINT’EM (Gold Sprints). He has put this event on since 2001. This year he has taken T.G.S. on a national tour with LABRADA Nutrition. They have visited several cities around the U.S.  at the EUROPA-GET FIT AND SPORTS EXPO. So if you want to get your sprint on show up and register to compete in T.G.S. at this year’s HTX BIKE FEST

Hector Garcia | The Byke Project & FIKSD Apparel

Hector, a native of Houston,Tx, has cycling roots that stem deep into the BMX industry dating back as far as the mid 80's.   A lover of all things cycling, BMX is his first love and has been giving back to the sport for the last 15 years. 

Hector created the Elevation Flatland BMX series which ran consecutively from 2000 - 2006, an event that brought together am and pro bmx riders from all over the country.  Hector compiled his experience from organizing these events and others into a book titled Event: Everything you need to know about organizing a bmx freestyle event and more.  This book has made it into the hands of many potential organizers, going as far as Germany, Finland, and Pakistan. 

Hector stays involved with the cycling community in Houston by helping organize the monthly Critical Mass Bike rides and giving back through a charity called The Byke Project.  He loves people, bikes, and pandas.  Yes, pandas.