Why we do Bike Fest.


On November 1st the HTX Bike Fest will celebrate 3 years as one of Houston's only bicycle festivals.  What started out as a cool idea in a small parking lot in the south part of downtown has turned into a festival worth recognizing.  At least we feel it does.  haha.  We couldn't have done this without the local Houston Cycling community and the many people who helped us along the way.

As we work on plans for the Nov 1st event, I can't help but think about why we're even doing this.  When I say "We", I'm referring to my good friend and partner in crime, Cisco Nira, who was the one who initially gave this idea some legs.  I remember talking to Cisco many times about how we needed to team up and do something in Houston and I don't think either one of us expected it to actually happen.  We have both spent years creating different cycling and bmx events and it only seemed natural to do something like Bike Fest.

There's a lot of passion behind this Fest.  Yes, it's profitable of course, but the passion involved is our love for BIKES.  And with that love for cycling and bikes in general comes a group of people that have become family to us, and we love that all the more.

So this festival is very personal for us and we work hard each year to bring one of the best bike festivals possible to Houston.  One of our goals has been to get every local bike shop involved and help bring unity to the shop community.  What's cool is that they have responded to this, minus a few, and have been very supportive of the vision behind Bike Fest.  To all the shops, vendors, and other industry businesses and organizations that get involved each year, we thank you very much.  Click here to see the full list of vendors and sponsors.

Thank you to Karbach for getting behind us and being our title sponsor each year.  We love you guys and appreciate all that you do for the cycling community.  This year RedBull was very generous and with their help we are building more ramps and you'll see a lot more cool RedBull stuff at this event.  Whether they know it or not RebelRun Sports Camp has definitely earned a c0-title position this year with their contribution and we support everything they're doing for young people and the sport of BMX freestyle and racing.

We also want everyone to know that the Downtown District and Market Square park have embraced us with open arms and we couldn't be happier with the support that they have offered.

Please help us make this year a bigger success and share the hell out of this event!  We'll see you on November 1st.

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